Our Seed and Literature Catalog

Join a collaborative network of people working to advance the knowledge and understanding of ancient cereal grains and other edible seedcrops for modern nutrition.

We offer you the “real thing”; planting-seeds for edible seedcrops. In the view of the Kusa Seed organization, the plants themselves are teachers. Enroll yourself in a “study course” at your own home! Simply invite one of our esteemed faculty members to come and grow at your place; you plant the seed and the “study course” will unfold before your eyes. Our faculty hail from the far corners of the earth’s storied mountains, valleys, and plains — from Afghanistan; India; Iraq; Italy; Japan; Korea; Poland; Russia; Tibet and other places.

Join us!

To find out more about our faculty members and our course-literature, take a look at our Seed & Literature Catalog.

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